Bali Yoga Retreat

Mar. 28-Apr. 5, 2020

Peace, Love, and Happiness are three gifts we often wish for others. But why not seek them for yourself and join us on a magically enchanting island retreat dedicated to those ends? Bali, called the Island of the Gods because of her unmatched natural beauty, happy people, and inherent spiritual vibe, provides the perfect setting for a week of nurturing more peace, love, and happiness in our own lives.

 I’m so excited that Bali will be my 12th(!) yoga adventure with The Travel Yogi! One of the most popular destinations for yogis, Bali has been on my radar for a long time. In my 30 years as a yoga teacher and ten as a retreat leader, I know the powerful alchemy of people, place, and practice. This retreat will be a magical mix! My intention is to combine yoga’s most effective tools with the inspiration of Bali’s culture, cuisine, and beauty. With my background in teaching Yoga Philosophy and History, I will lead you deeper into what you see on temple tours. With my background in Biomechanics and Biology, I’ll show you why and how ancient practices can be powerful tools to help live with more health and resiliency.

Our two-a-day all level yoga sessions are designed to remind us that love is our inherent nature, happiness our birthright, and peace a realistic goal. Energizing morning vinyasa practices ready us for a day of adventures which include biking through Bali’s gorgeous green countryside, dining with locals (and learning how to prepare traditional cuisine ourselves), visiting Ubud’s most sacred temples, and beach time which can include surfing and/or chilling by your own private pool or seaside. Our evening sessions help us complete and integrate the day with deep, slow movement and luscious, meditative savasana. Many sessions will have the ocean as our soundtrack, all will include modifications for everyBODY, and each will be peppered with journaling inquiries inspired by the rich yoga history and spiritual energy that surrounds us.

In Bali, truly the magic of achieving peace, love, and happiness feels real and becomes a gift we can bring back home. With our connection to place, practice, and each other, this is sure to be a powerful adventure for all of us!


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