Class Descriptions

Children’s Yoga: Play. Dance. Wiggle. Stretch. Sit. Breathe. Love. Shine! This 4 week series is available on a drop-in basis only if space is available. Please call to register.

Deep Soulful Flow: This deep soulful flow class is infused with pranayama, sacred poetry and music. Appropriate for all levels, this class will light your inner fire and restore your inner being.

Evening Unwind: Long days of summer are here! After being active mentally & physically all day, take one hour to rejuvenate. Gentle Yoga movement, muscular pressure point massage & restorative yoga poses will help you feel energized. You will leave feeling centered & open to the beauty of McCall’s evening light.

Flow with Awareness & Breath: This all levels class allows each participant to take their practice wherever the body needs to go, while seeking inner and outer body balance. It integrates breath and movement for a comprehensive yoga experience.

Get-Up & Flow: Wake up and prepare for your day with an energizing and refreshing yoga flow class.

Golden Yoga: Golden Yoga is a gentle class reserved for the senior population, or anyone looking for a more gentle class. The practice is restorative, helping ease tension, yet also improves balance, clarity and strength.

Mindful Flow: A meditation in motion, this introspective class brings a harmonic balance to the physical and mental aspects of your yoga practice and interweaves the importance of practicing your yoga both on and off the mat.

Moving into Meditation: Appropriate for all levels, and excellent for beginners, this gentle movement class helps prepare your body and mind for an extended meditation practice. Move with breath and awareness through foundational postures, focusing on the basics and embracing simplicity. Slide seamlessly into a guided meditation. Allow the process to unfold. Find your peace within.

Nama’stay Right Here: After acquiring a new titanium bionic hip, Karla has had to reset her yoga practice and relearn asanas in a way that work for her new “normal.” Adapting our practice and honoring our current state is all part of the journey. Karla invites you to practice the postures that work for YOUR body, focusing on what you can do, not dwelling on what you can’t. This class will empower you in your own unique body, as you practice with care and awareness. And in true Karla form, expect a healthy dose of laughter and joy.

Precision with Breath, Action with Heart: This class features alignment-based postures from the teachings of B.K.S. Iyengar.

Prenatal (& Postnatal!) Yoga: Learn to breathe, stretch & relax in your pre & post-natal body. Registered Prenatal Yoga Teacher, Treone Cooley, will guide you through a gentle yoga practice, supporting balanced energy & wellbeing.

Rock Your Body Flow: a fun and fluid Vinyasa flow. New twists on old classics paired with a high energy soundtrack. Rise up and rock out on your mat!

Slow Flow: Alignment Lab: This all levels flow class moves more slowly through the asanas, emphasizing the fundamentals of each posture and building the postures with alignment precision.

Straight-Up Flow: This brief but mighty class will pack in a solid flow sequence and a short but sweet savasana. Hammer it out in less than an hour…rock it out with fun tunes…peace out in yoga bliss.

Strong Flow: This strong flow practice will generate heat and strength, but will intelligently build towards its peak, emphasizing safety and alignment.

Unwind Yoga: Balance the bustle of the holiday season & bliss out with our newest series with Jan Stein! This 4-class series will ease your mind, unwind your body & leave your soul sparkling.

Yang & Yin Flow w/ Meditation: A perfect balance of energies, the first half of this class is a juicy, strong flow and the second half will wind slowly down, with long restorative postures and an extended meditation.

Yoga for Snow Sports: Winter snow lovers unite! This 4-class series with our snow bunny, Hilary Lempit, will make your days on the slopes happier, merrier & brighter. Tone, strengthen & stretch to keep in shape for the powder days that are coming.

Yoga at JUG: Join us for a sweet all levels vinyasa flow class in an awesome outdoor venue at Jug Mountain Ranch. Located in a covered, open air pavilion with sweeping vistas of the valley, your heart is sure to feel at home. Sweat a little, bliss out a lot. Make an adventure of it by taking advantage of Jug’s amazing hiking and biking trail system, or relax with lunch on the patio after class. Use any Shanti membership, series, or drop-in to attend.

Pricing Options

$15 Drop In
4 Class Series (3 mo. exp.) ~ $50
7 Class Series (3 mo. exp.) ~ $75
15 Class Series (6 mo. exp.) ~ $125
One Month Unlimited ~ $85
Three Month Unlimited ~ $210
Shanti Yoga Club ~ Unlimited yoga + retail and spa discounts~ $59/mo. for one year
Private/small group instruction begins at $65/hr