Harmony Boutique

On this page we tend to highlight our non-yoga items. I’m not sure why exactly. Yoga is our heart and soul. It’s where we started and what we love and the source of so much goodness in our community and souls. Yoga is how we try to live our lives – it’s what makes us who we are. Are you a seasoned yogi? Someone who’s never even thought about putting down a mat and saying an Om? Wonder what Om means? Stop in and say “Hi” sometime. We’d love to see you and share our yoga with you. Or we’ll stay out of your way and let you browse. Chances are something in our carefully curated selection of books that will give you a little nudge in a direction you want to go. Something in here might spark something in you.

It’s Not Snowing Everywhere …

Whether you actually have plans to trade these late season powder days for sand and surf or just want to remind yourself that summer always follows spring, we’ve got you covered. Minimally. In cute little shorts and flirty little bathing suits and light-weight cover-ups. If that seems a little too aspirational for the season as it stands, we’ve got light layers in spring colors that will brighten up your end-of-season doldrums with just that hit of sun we all need.


We’ve got to make room for all the new spring things that are coming in, and you know what that means … SALES!!! Whether it’s delicate, seasonal Voluspa candles, winter hats and gloves, adorable yoga gear, or fun casual wear you’re looking for, chances are we’ve got something perfect for you on sale. Discounts range up to 50% off regular prices so don’t put it off, come in today and see if that thing you’ve had your eye on has been marked down.