March 8, 2020 at Yoga Tree of Boise, Boise, ID

In this 6 hour immersion, Mindy Goodman E-RYT 500, RPYT, SpBCPE, YACEP and Holly Lammer RNC, PPNE, RYT 500, RPYT, YACEP will introduce pregnancy basics and go-to essentials to intelligently support women during the prenatal phase. Participants will study physiologic changes in pregnancy that may impact a pregnant yogi’s practice and learn up-to-date prenatal yoga/exercise guidelines. This course will introduce modifications based on trimester, pre and perinatal psychology and energetics that will help guide your teaching when you have pregnant students in your class.
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Open to all yoga practicioners, medical professionals or anyone with an interest in the benefits of yoga during pregnancy.
Price: $90.
Yoga Alliance CEUS/Contact Hours: 6 Hours
Included in Shanti Yoga School 200/300 hour tuition.
Shanti Yoga School graduate discounts available.

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Yoga Alliance® Prenatal Yoga Specialization

We are proud to have the only Yoga Alliance® Registered Prenatal Yoga School (RPYS) in Idaho. This program is for everyone: yoga teachers, doulas, medial practitioners, or anyone with an interest in the benefits of yoga in the prenatal phase or for childbirth. Started and directed by experienced prenatal teacher Mindy Goodman, fellow teacher Holly Lammer joined the staff in 2015, bringing an added expertise with her background as an RN, her knowledge of energetics, and her certification in pre and perinatal psychology.  The curriculum is covered in two modules, Level One and Two. Both modules are held in Boise. Successful completion of Levels One and Two will allow an RYT200 to register as an RPYT. Completion of Level One is a prerequisite for enrollment in Level Two.

Level One Prenatal Teacher Training with Mindy Goodman

This 45 hour training is designed for anyone with interest in the benefits of yoga during pregnancy & childbirth. Gain knowledge to physically and mentally prepare women, through yoga, for the intensity of labor by empowering them to find strength and confidence in their ability to give birth. You will learn exercise guidelines for all three trimesters, sequencing considerations, and poses for common aches and pains during pregnancy and labor. Learn relaxation techniques to reduce stress for mom and baby. Study the stages of labor and discuss the similarity between various yoga techniques and childbirth preparation and how to interweave the practice of these techniques into a prenatal yoga class. Upon completion of this program you will be certificated as a Prenatal Yoga Instructor by Shanti Yoga School. In addition, you can apply the 45 hours toward Shanti Yoga School’s 85 hour advanced prenatal training (Level One and Level Two) to register with the Yoga Alliance as a Prenatal Yoga Specialist (RPYT), or you may use the 45 hours of training toward continuing education hours with Yoga Alliance.

Level One Dates: Nov. 7-8 & Dec. 12-13, 2020
Early Bird Registration by Oct. 3, 2020 $525
Regular Registration by Oct. 30, 2020 $625
Contact Shanti Yoga Studio p. 208.634.9711 or e-mail [email protected]

Level Two Prenatal Yoga Teacher Training with Holly Lammer

This 40 hour training builds upon the Module One curriculum. In the Module Two training you will learn about the subtle body (chakras and how they relate to pregnancy and birth), advanced anatomy concepts (the pelvis, the fascia system, hormones of birth), advanced techniques (pranayama, mudra and meditation relating to pregnancy and birth), yoga poses beneficial for at-risk pregnancies (previous traumatic birth, fertility issues, etc.) and couples yoga. You can apply the 40 hours of Module Two toward Shanti Yoga School’s 85 hour advanced prenatal training to register with the Yoga Alliance as a Prenatal Yoga Specialist (RPYT) or you may use the 40 hours of training toward continuing education hours with Yoga Alliance. Upon completion of Level One, Level Two, and RYT 200, you will be eligible to register with the Yoga Alliance as a Prenatal Yoga Specialist (RPYT).

Level Two Dates: Jan. 23-24 & Feb. 27-28, 2021 (Completion of Level One is a prerequisite for registration in Level Two.)
Early Bird Registration by Dec. 12, 2020 $525
Regular Registration by Jan. 5, 2021 $625
Contact Shanti Yoga Studio p. 208.634.9711  e-mail: [email protected]

Mindy Goodman, Prenatal Specialization Director & Lead Teacher, E-RYT 500, ERPYT has been practicing yoga since 1996. She completed her first teacher’s training, Let It Go Yoga, with Jim Parsons at the Santa Barbara Yoga Studio in 1997. Shortly after relocating to Boise in 1998, she began to practice Iyengar yoga, becoming very interested in the precision of alignment and form for which Iyengar is known. She studied, apprenticed, and later taught for Vickie Aldridge at the Boise Yoga Center during which time she had the opportunity to study with several other prominent Iyengar Instructors. Mindy began teaching prenatal yoga in 2001 and has taught ongoing classes ever since. In 2003, she studied with renowned prenatal yoga instructor Collette Crawford at the Seattle Holistic Center. Afterwards, Mindy completed the ICEA (International Childbirth Educators Association) in-depth perinatal fitness program. Mindy earned her RYT500 designation through Shanti Yoga School. A former doula and HypnoBirthing® instructor, Mindy has also completed trainings in Bodywork for the Childbearing Year® and Dancing for Birth®. Having taught over 4,000 prenatal yoga classes, she has discovered that her best teachers have been her students. In addition to teaching prenatal yoga, Mindy has developed a workshop for couples: A Yoga- based approach for Childbirth.

Testimonial from one of Mindy’s students:

“I’m convinced the flexibility, breathing, and relaxation exercises and techniques you taught were the only reason I survived both pregnancy and natural labor and delivery. As a first-time mom who had never tried yoga, I was definitely intimidated in the beginning. But you have such an easy way of making things understandable yet challenging and making everyone feel welcome. The best thing I did during pregnancy was attend your classes and I cannot express how truly grateful I am.”

Holly Lammer, RNC, PPNE, RYT500, RPYT believes in teaching yoga as a tool for better health, increased mind/body awareness and a deeper connection to self. She has a strong foundation in body mechanics with a background as a fitness instructor since 1999 and a mind-body practitioner for many years. Holly received her 500 hour teacher training through Shanti Yoga School, along with her Prenatal Yoga teacher certification. As full time Labor and Delivery nurse since 2000, she has been focusing on bringing the benefits of mindfulness practices to women and families through her various roles as mentor, teacher, and childbirth instructor. Over the years she has helped hundreds of women through the birth process and has worked consistently to support the idea of childbirth as a normal physiological process. This has led her to develop training programs for pregnant women and for the health care professionals that care for them, speaking at professional conferences, doula trainings, medical resident trainings and more. Holly believes that yoga is the best way to prepare the body for birth….physically, spiritually and mentally. Creator of Intuitive Birth, a Mindfulness-Based Childbirth Education program, Holly brings the insight of firsthand experience with transformation through mindfulness to her teachings. What makes her Prenatal Yoga classes unique is her background as a labor nurse, extensive knowledge of the birth process and hormones, balanced with her attention to anatomical detail … all while maintaining a playful light-hearted attitude.

Testimonial from a student in one of Holly’s Prenatal Classes:

“I loved this class. It was exactly what I needed and, to be honest, what I could probably continually use even past birth. I so love your style of mixing a deep spiritual part of yoga to the physical practice. I especially liked exploring the chakras. I really liked your laid back style and your way of mixing in fun at random during classes. I loved how you were always trying to cultivate connection with our babies and with each other during this practice. The last class was just perfect!“