Sri Lanka Yoga Retreat

April 13-24, 2019

Renew and Enrich in Unforgettable Sri Lanka


“The purpose of life, after all, is to live it, to taste experience to the utmost, to reach out, without fear, for newer and richer experience.” — Eleanor Roosevelt


Throughout her four thousand year history, this island bore many names before settling on Sri Lanka or “Resplendent Island.”  It doesn’t take long for visitors to this recently opened travel destination to see why Sri Lanka was so-named. Where else can you experience so much beauty, diversity, and cultural depth packed into one relatively small island nation? In Sri Lanka, you’ll find the richest density of biodiversity in all of Asia amidst some of the oldest relics of early civilizations. You’ll also experience pristine beaches, tropical rain forests, beguiling fauna, elephants, crocodiles, storks, and the greatest concentration of leopards on Earth! This extravagant beauty and bounty makes tiny Sri Lanka seem so much bigger than she really is.


Yoga and Buddhism also have deep roots in Sri Lanka. In fact, Sri Lanka was the destination for the leap across the ocean of the small but courageous monkey god, Humanuman. The story of Humanuman’s courage, one of transcending fear to reap richer rewards, is the yogic theme of this retreat. No, we will not be literally leaping across great distances…. but we will look at how yoga’s practices can help us let go of fear and move towards a more enriched life. Through decades of teaching and research, I firmly believe that the ability to extend our reach and open to new possibilities (mentally and physically) lies in first establishing a strong foundation. For this reason, all of our practices will be grounded in strengthening our “inner axis.” The morning vinyasa session builds this power through active core work, balance flows, and intention-setting. Our evening practice will use that foundation to explore deeper release and opening up to new physical ranges of motion as well as transformational thinking. Throughout all practices, I’ll sprinkle  stories of  yogic deities to illustrate how yoga’s true intention is to help us live life more fearlessly and fully. Through the combination of our yogic practices and the island’s sumptuous environment, we will find ourselves at the end of the ten days feeling renewed, inspired, and enriched.


Visit the Travel Yogi for more information or to book your space for this trip of a lifetime. Or click here for a blog post from Debbi about this amazing retreat.