Sri Lanka Yoga Retreat

April 8-19, 2020

Find Balance in Beautiful Sri Lanka

 “The purpose of life, after all, is to live it, to taste experience to the utmost, to reach out, without fear, for newer and richer experience.” — Eleanor Roosevelt

 As a teacher and student of yoga philosophy and history, I have always been intrigued by this tiny island off the coast of India. It’s the source of much of my favorite yogic mythology took place here and stories of its natural beauty further sparked my imagination. So when I was invited by the travel yogi to lead their first trip there last year, I was thrilled. Once I got to the island I was even more delighted to find the “resplendent island” more rich, exciting, peaceful and beautiful than I had ever imagined. Sri Lanka has a distinct vibe: an intensity of natural beauty – the ocean, mountains, the lush green –  balanced by a calm, sweet peacefulness. The people are enthusiastic and friendly while remaining grounded and centered. Even the gorgeous animals (tigers, elephants, birds, monkeys and water buffalos) seem to emulate this balance of exuberance and sturdy solidity. This extravagant beauty complimented by with simple friendliness and hospitality is why I am so excited to be returning this April.

 This Sri Lankan vibe of balance will inform the yogic focus of this year’s retreat. Balance of opposites is a concept inherent to all life – from the physiology of a single cell to much more complex organisms and social structures. To flourish, to be open and grow, we must first establish roots. Support begets growth. Yogis call this ‘root to rise’ or ‘sthirra and sukha’. Throughout our 10 days together our twice daily sessions (asana, breath work, and meditation) will focus on enhancing these concepts. Incorporating the chakra system, psychology, and physiology, we’ll explore ways to enhance the balance of strength/support and opening to possibilities and growth. The beauty of a retreat experience is this process can evolve and grow deeper organically, at a pace that suits each person individually. Those students who want more physical intensity will be given options just as those who prefer to focus on the quieter practices of meditation and pranayama will also be supported. The ultimate goal is to foster within each participant the vibe I feel when in Sri Lanka – a connection to our roots to support our ability to be more resilient, open, and expansive.



Visit the Travel Yogi for more information or to book your space for this trip of a lifetime.