Workshops & Special Classes

Shanti Yoga Teacher Training:

Yoga History, Philosophy, & Ethics 
Thrive Chiropractic,* MUUV Yoga Boise,** & Online**

Join us for a weekend intensive on Yoga Humanities: History, Philosophy, & Ethics.

*July 10: 5:30-8:00p Energetic Anatomy: The Chakra System w. Angela Young. $45
**July 11: 1:00-3:00p Following and Teaching the Tantric Thread w. Debbi Murphy. $35
***July 11: 3:30-5:30p Yoga Sutras in Depth w. Margit Bermudez. $35 
***July 12: 12:00-3:00p Accessing Yoga Wisdom for Balanced Living w. Kimberly Azzarito. $50 

Included in Shanti Teacher Training Tuition, and for students who have purchased Course 1 of our Online Training. All sessions are eligible for YA CEUs. $140 for full workshop or see individual session pricing. To register contact Shanti Yoga at [email protected].

Jason Crandell Yoga Workshop 
Online, Sept. 11-13, 2020 

Eligible for Yoga Alliance CEU’S and offering 10 educational hours, the cost for this workshop is $170. To register contact Shanti Yoga at [email protected].

This virtual yoga workshop will be a combination of live and recorded modules, and registrants will have access to an online platform of written notes and resources pertaining directly to this series of classes. Right now, bringing a large group together in our beautiful studio is not practical, but you can still experience camaraderie, broaden your community, and support your favorite teachers and studios online while focusing on Strength & Flexibility.

MODULE ONE: Shoulders, Neck and Upper Back Flow – This dynamic flow will create balanced strength and flexibility in your shoulders, neck and upper-back. You’ll learn how subtle changes to your vinyasa practice can produce lasting, positive changes in your shoulders.

MODULE TWOStrength + Stability for Your Core & Spine – Your core is much more than your abdominals. And, your abdominals are much more than those muscles that show up on the cover of fitness magazines (and sometimes in the mirror). This dynamic vinyasa practice will create balanced, sustainable strength in all of the muscles that comprise your core and spine.
MODULE THREEBalanced Strength + Flexibility for your Hamstrings & Hips – Practicing yoga is an exceptional way to create flexibility and comfort in your hamstrings and outer hips. Unfortunately, it’s easy to overstretch them. When we lose strength and stability in these muscle groups, we become much more prone to injury. This dynamic vinyasa practice will create balanced strength and flexibility in your hamstrings and hips.
MODULE FOUR: Arm Balances and Inversions – veryone reading this right now has heard a yoga teacher say, “Okay, if Bakasana is part of your practice, do it.” You’ve also heard a yoga teacher say, “If handstand is available to you, go ahead and kick up.” But, where are the details? Where are the techniques? Where are the stepping stones? This workshop will focus on key arm balances and inversions that are often included, but rarely taught in vinyasa classes.

Boise, Idaho 85 Hour Prenatal Yoga Teacher Training

Boise, ID

We are proud to have the only Yoga Alliance® Registered Prenatal Yoga School (RPYS) in Idaho. This course is open to all yoga practicioners, parents-to-be, doulas, medical professionals or anyone with an interest in the benefits of yoga during pregnancy.
Started and directed by experienced prenatal teacher Mindy Goodman; fellow teacher Holly Lammer joined the staff in 2015, bringing an added expertise with her background as an RN, her knowledge of energetics, and her certification in pre/perinatal psychology.  
The curriculum is covered in two modules, Level One and Two. Both modules are held in Boise. Successful completion of Levels One and Two will allow an RYT200 to register as an RPYT. Completion of Level One is a prerequisite for enrollment in Level Two.

Level One Dates: Nov. 7-8 & Dec. 12-13, 2020
Early Bird Registration by Oct. 3, 2020 $525
Regular Registration by Oct. 30, 2020 $625

Level Two Dates: Jan. 23-24 & Feb. 27-28, 2021
*Completion of Level One is a prerequisite for registration in Level Two.

Early Bird Registration by Dec. 12, 2020 $525
Regular Registration by Jan. 5, 2021 $625

Yoga Alliance CEUS/Contact Hours: 85 Hours Total

BONUS! Register for our March 8th intro course and get a $50 discount for this full Prenatal Yoga Teacher Specialization.
To register contact Shanti Yoga at 208-634-9711 or [email protected].

Coming Soon!

We’re excited to announce that even though we’ve had to say goodbye to our plans to host both Taylor Harkness and Jason Crandell in our beautiful studio this summer, we’ll still be offering an ONLINE version of Jason’s amazing workshop in September! We can all be safe while still learning from  this voice who is changing the yoga landscape with his innovations in medical research, energetic anatomy, spirituality, community outreach, neuroscience, creative methodology & making yoga accessible for everyBODY! We’re not giving up on getting Taylor and Jason back to McCall eventually. But for now we’re excited for this opportunity! Email us at [email protected] to get on the mailing list when registration details become available.